3 Reasons to Use a HSA

health-savings-accountIf your insurance plan qualifies for an HSA or Health Savings Account, there are a number of benefits to establishing one. Unfortunately, there is so much industry-speak involved in reading up on these accounts, it can be difficult to understand the actual benefits. Here are 3 major reasons to use a Health Savings Account.

  1. Tax Deductible – Any contributions made are either with pre-tax dollars if taken by the employer or are tax deductible if made with after-tax dollars. Either way, they bring down your adjusted gross income and save you money. Then, when the money is needed for a medical expense later, you can use the funds plus any accumulation, tax-free.
  1. Reduce Healthcare Costs – By using an insurance plan which utilizes an HSA, you will almost always have lower premiums than other available options. You can then take the amount saved monthly in premiums and put it into

5 Benefits of Work from Home Which Might Affect Your Health

bennifts-of-working-from-homeOver the past few decades, there has been a growing trend of allowing employees to work from home either as a supplement to or instead of, working in an office. The benefits of telecommuting are obvious from an employee standpoint, and many Americans appreciate or would appreciate that flexibility. That being said, many business owners are reluctant to allow this, fearing a lack of productivity, teamwork, and connectedness. However, here are five reasons, some business owners may want to rethink their position.

  1. Employee Engagement – The list of benefits to working from home is nearly endless. And most employees today understand that. Whether simply the flexibility to work from home occasionally or the ability to work from all of the time, employees can better balance work and life. This will make employees happier with their job, more productive, and less likely to leave your company. Employee engagement is something every